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Tabris’s heart stopped a moment when she heard Hitomi’s cry. Turning she saw her Mistress holding her arm. Split second later Tabris was on the floor in pain, she realized what Hitomi had yelled about. The man that had shoved her away had the ring.

“Josh come on, you said you wouldn’t hurt either of them.” The speaker trying to reason with the man was one of the boys in Hitomi’s study group. Tabris tried to get up only to feel someone behind her push her down again.

“Tabris!” Hitomi tried to get to her, two others blocked her. Her friend moved to try to help her clearly not liking the situation. She managed to fight through the pain enough to attempt to get to Hitomi, who was fighting the two men it was taking to pin her down. Her friend was on the floor his arm wrapped around his stomach, she had missed how he had gotten hurt. ‘Josh’, was walking up to her, his finger still on the button.

“You know, we were just going to have a little fun, but with how your friend’s fighting this, I think it’ll be more fun to completely break you. They never did that to you did they?” The voice was off… Glancing up she saw why, the demon using the boy was grinning down at her. She struggled against the two others who were pinning her down. Glancing past the one looking down at her she saw Hitomi manage to break free a swift strike and one of her attackers was nursing a broken nose, the other a cracked knee cap.

Hitomi! Just run! Please Father, let her stay safe! She wasn’t sure if her words were heard or not, but Hitomi bit her lip, torn at helping Tabris or her friend. He made the decision for her, grabbing her arm to get her out of the house.

“No! Let go! Tabris!”

“Take her to the basement, you go after Hitomi and Alex, I want them both back here before they can bring the cops.” Tabris watched as her ring was flicked over to one of the men behind her. She couldn’t draw enough strength to move on her own until the pain started again. Darkness hit and she slipped under.

By the time she woke Tabris was bound kneeling on a floor, her wings hurt, something had been forced through them to keep her in the position they wanted her in. She could feel rope around her arms which were behind her. There was whimpering across the room, looking she saw that it was Hitomi’s friend Alex. The college student was shirtless, red welts across his chest. The demon had been playing with him while she had been unconscious.


“Escaped, she’s trying to find help.” He groaned. “I… I bought her time… Forgive me, I shouldn’t have invited you two to the party…” He whimpered. “I’m not as strong as I thought…”

“Aw how cute the toys are up,” Tabris growled trying to struggle free only tearing her wing more. Glancing at one of them she saw the metal spike that had been hammered through it. It wasn’t etched, just hurt like hell. The demon walked up to her lifting her chin a little. “You’re not the first I’ve brought down here. Though you’re the first slave that’s given that much fight thought you were just a timid little thing when I watched you dutifully doing tasks for your master. When Alex here mentioned you two acted more like sisters, I knew I had to see how they had trained you.”

Tabris was forced to look at him, anger only showed in her eyes. As long as she knew Hitomi was safe she’d deal with anything it would dish out. She didn’t even think it deserved being considered male.

“So the silent treatment… Will be all the more fun to make you scream, I won’t even need your ring now. Those metal spikes in your wings… I’ve used them on three others before. You’re the first in the States… Means once you’re dead I’ll have to move again. LA’s getting boring anyway.” He let her go, walking over to a table. Tabris saw him pick up a small blow torch.

This is going to suck… a lot. She thought trying again to free her arms. She wasn’t sure if she’d be able to pull the spikes out, but she’d try.

((ooc: I know she's talked to a few in SWS I just felt like being mean to her sorry! You can bump into Hitomi panicing here))
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