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In the past week since meeting up with Ben, Elle had... changed. She was obviously eating right at long last (after all, Zepar wouldn't tell), and she was more upbeat than before. Certainly more active. She had even helped Zepar get ready for Ben and Guri and... that other-named one coming over.

It's possible that she's nervous, flitting from her bedroom to go over her outfit for dinner to the living room to make sure the furniture is still cleared to the dining room table where she's set up her homework and work assignments.

One thing she knows for sure - she's ready to get this show on the road.
[work] where is he?

Case of the Benjamins

Elle would never admit it, particularly after that week and a half from hell, but she was almost enjoying being a werewolf. Of course, she hadn't actually morphed or anything, which was why she was wearing one of her older robes, in case she lost it. But the smells were fascinating, and it seemed like she could see farther. She'd spent half an hour staring into the apartment across the street like a creep already. And as for her hearing... She hoped she wouldn't have to tell her neighbors to shut up all the time. Maybe she could just buy out the whole floor...

Feeling better at last, though, and faintly hungry, she padded into the kitchen and made herself some cereal, booting up her laptop to catch up on the news. A few days out of work was a lifetime in CEO time, and she felt a little overwhelmed to see all the emails that had flooded her inbox in her absence.

Not to mention, there were other things to take care of as well.

"Zepar?" She knew he was around somewhere, or maybe on errands. Either way, he'd be back soon. Never had she been so grateful to have an angel as she had been this past week.
cleans up nice, in disguise

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Ben is more nervous than he's ever been before. More nervous than when he went to Afghanistan for the first time, more nervous than when he faced down insurgents, more nervous than taking down a Black Market operation makes him.

All because he's got an actual, real-live, honest-to-God date with a beautiful woman.

Of course, said woman is also somewhat shallow, incredibly blunt, and owns at least one angel Pit. Which would give Guriel and Rachmiel fits if they knew about it, so he hasn't said anything. Yet. How much longer he can keep it from them, he has no idea.

However, in the meantime, he's getting ready. He's showered, wearing a pair of jeans with an actual collared shirt and a suit jacket so's not to look too dressed up for dinner and a movie, and wearing a pair of motorcycle boots that hopefully will not give Elle a heart attack.

He's also grown out his facial hair into a fairly stylish goatee and dyed his hair. Just in case she changes her mind about him going with her to her Thing.

Annnnnd... he's ready. Or--

As ready as he'll ever be.
[work] where is he?

Case of the Mondays

Elle's father would have had a heart attack if he could have seen her. Lord knew his business partners weren't pleased with her; she'd already curtailed two fights to the death in the Pit. The third, though, she wasn't having much luck. A Halloween theme, for God's sake, she thought ruefully. It was something she would have thought up. Or Martha Stewart.

Feeling restless, she headed downstairs to where the angels were kept, absently checking to see if they'd been fed enough and to see how the wounded were doing. Except for a few hellos, she was quiet, distracted by how she could possibly stop men twice her age with significantly more power and experience than she had. Sure, she had money and too much of a share for her vote not to count, but she'd seen their faces, and she'd heard about the games they'd played for decades; she knew better than to think she could hide behind her money.

She moved to a standing desk in one of the cage rooms and opened a log book, running her eyes over the entries and frowning to herself.